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Rose Water
Jasmine Water
Lavender Water
Marigold Water
Kewra Water
Geranium Water
Champaca Water
Lotus Water
Sandalwood Water
Neroli Water
Osmanthus Water
Rosemary Water
Chamomile Water
Melissa Leaf Water
Cinnamon Water
Peppermint Water
Rose Geranium Water
Juniper Berry Water
Clary Sage Water
Lemongrass Water
Ylang Ylang Water
Frankincense Water
Tea Tree Water
Eucalyptus Water
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Welcome to Hydrolate.com
We are the company dedicated to supply Natural and Reconstituted Essential Oils to industries like cosmetic , toiletries, pharmaceuticals, personal healing, spa, detergent , soap etc. We supply and producing high quality essential oils and its hydrolate (floral waters) to cater all the needs of above described industries and personal care. Our product includes all floral oils, all spice oils , all wood oils and herbal oils which is cultivated through organic and conventional methods. We use hydro distillation method, steam distillation method as well as CO2 (Super Critical Carbon Di Oxide) method. Essential Oils and herbal products are part of their origin so can not cultivate and extract in one place. One can extract the oil from the place of origin Or oursource from the different localities in the world.
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